WARNING: Just because my art is small doesn’t mean that it is cheap.

These are exquisitely-made pieces that take much time and skill to create.  In addition to being sculpted, super-detailed likenesses are painted with acrylics on a surface the size of a thumbnail.  Very few people can do this. I am in “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” for it.

Donald Trump owns one of my peanut portraits.  A U.S. Senator owns one. An Oscar-winning Pixar director owns one of my pieces. An Academy Award-winning composer owns two.  Famous actors, athletes, celebrity chefs, and musicians are also among my clients. You can own one too and will be amazed by it.

There is a 4-step process I use to insure my artworks last a lifetime:

1). Each piece has had the nuts removed from the shell.

2). The shells are sealed with archival urethane and glued back together.

3). The product is constructed, painted (taking up to 20 hrs.) and coated in clear acrylic when finished.

4). The final product is sealed in a glass dome

Yes, I do commissions of friends, family, ancestors, wedding toppers, favorite celebs, etc.

For prices and info please email me at itpopart@gmail.com

Below is a sampling of non-celebrity commissions that I’ve done:

ladydog jessica1 iron_couple wedding